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Submitted By: Jim Efaw (jimefaw)
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>Summary: IRC: CTCP VERSION better; new PING/CTCP PING check digits

Initial Comment:
1. CTCP VERSION now reports the actual versions of the Gaim core and IRC 
protocol plugin, along with the Gaim website name.

2. CTCP PING now adds a calculated 5-digit check prefix on the front of 
timestamps, to thwart those who might think of annoying Gaim users by sending 
loads of spurious ping replies.  Now, in order to generate a notification 
(popup), ping reply timestamps must (1) match the 5-digit prefix for that 
timestamp that only your current Gaim IRC session itself knowns how to 
calculate (to thwart jerks who might try keeping up with current timestamps); 
and (2) have a timestamp in the last IRC_CTCP_PING_RECENT_SECONDS seconds (to 
eventually leave behind jerks who try repeating your real ping timestamp back 
to you over and over).  Any other CTCP PING replies go to the chat window 
instead of a popup.  IRC_CTCP_PING_RECENT_SECONDS is set to 120; you can change 
it as you wish.

3. The server PONG handling has been patched to interpret the server pings Gaim 
now sends in #2 above.

To keep translations intact, I've kept the same _() strings on all of these 
even though they're not the messages I would prefer.


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