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Priority: 4
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Submitted By: dclaar (dclaar)
>Assigned to: Nathan Walp (faceprint)
>Summary: fix \"temporarily hide from\" in jabber

Initial Comment:
The current version of the jabber buddy code uses a
depreciated command to "temporarily hide from" another
jabber user, and it only exposes the command if you are
using an older jabber server. I have updated the code
to use the supported command, and have thus removed the
check for the old server. I've attached the svn diff
from the latest 22 May 2206 code.
==Doug Claar


Comment By: dclaar (dclaar)
Date: 2006-06-05 15:03

Logged In: YES 

Ok, here's the deal. I originally did a proof-of-concept
using perl and Net:Jabber. The problem is, our company only
lets us have one jabber account, so the only way I could
test was by harassing :-) a fellow employee. So when I tried
to translate into gaim, I didn't think that I could bug that
person any more, so I submitted without testing. (bad! Bad!)

Since then, I've been waiting special dispensation to get a
second account. Over the weekend, I had the brilliant idea
of using an external jabber server. (I know, what took me so
long?) Anyway, I have two accounts on, and I am
now able to test the corrected patch. It works.

When you disconnect from jabber, if you only have one buddy,
gaim 2 sends a message to that buddy:
<presence from='[EMAIL PROTECTED]/Home'
to='[EMAIL PROTECTED]/Home'><priority>1</priority><c
node='' ver='2.0.0beta3'/></presence>

If you have more than one buddy, it sends a more generic:

node='' ver='2.0.0beta3'/></presence>

gaim 1.5, however, sends:

<presence type='unavailable'><status>Logged

With my (corrected) patch, clicking the "Temporarily Hide
From" right click menu item sends:
<presence from='[EMAIL PROTECTED]/Home' to='[EMAIL PROTECTED]/Home'
node='' ver='2.0.0beta3'/></presence>

When buddy "b" receives this message, it changes the status
of buddy "a" to Offline. The other buddies still see buddy
"a" as online/available.

Again, I apologize for submitting a half-baked patch, and
taking so long to submit a corrected patch.


Comment By: Richard Laager (rlaager)
Date: 2006-06-04 03:01

Logged In: YES 

It sounds like this is wrong... Closing.


Comment By: Richard Laager (rlaager)
Date: 2006-05-24 14:26

Logged In: YES 

Marking to priority 4, which I use to track patches that
still need work.


Comment By: dclaar (dclaar)
Date: 2006-05-24 13:15

Logged In: YES 

You are right. This isn't fully cooked yet. My apologies! I
will come back when I have fixed it and done further
testing. (blush)
==Doug Claar


Comment By: Etan Reisner (deryni9)
Date: 2006-05-22 17:45

Logged In: YES 

I can't believe that this patch actually does what you want.
Since as rfc3921 states (in section 2.2.1): "The 'type'
attribute of a presence stanza is OPTIONAL.  A presence
stanza that does not possess a 'type' attribute is used to
signal to the server that the sender is online and available
for communication." So your modified presence stanza should
have you show up as online.
Furthermore, while type is an attribute of the presence tag,
status is not. Status is a subtag. <presence type=''/> vs.
Also status is (again according to the rfc): "[an] OPTIONAL
<status/> element contains XML character data specifying a
natural-language description of availability status."
So in short, the patch isn't correct, and it most certainly
can't do what you want it to.
What evidence lead you to believe that this patch correctly
hides your presence from your buddy?


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