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Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Casey Harkins (charkins)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: tweak x11 docklet embedding

Initial Comment:
This patch has two changes:

First is to slightly change the re-creation behavior of the docklet. Sadrul 
pointed out on gaim-devel that the x11 docklet re-creates itself when it is 
destroyed and thought this might be causing problems with fluxbox. This patch 
now distinguishes between initial creation and re-creation. When re-creating, 
the docklet no longer registers itself as a visibility manager until it 
successfully embeds.

Second is to change the timeout behavior for embedding. Because the 
notification area API is asynchronous, gaim assumes the docklet gets embeded 
for a certain timeout period, allowing the buddy list to start hidden before 
the docklet has been embeded in the notification area. If the timeout occurs, 
it is removed as a visibility manager and the buddy list will become visible. 
This timeout has been set at 5 seconds. There have been a few reports that   
indicate this timeout period is not long enough when starting gaim from a saved 
session upon login. I have been hesitant to increase the timeout, as it has the 
potential of delaying the startup of gaim for the timeout period if the buddy 
list was hidden when gaim last closed  and there is not currently a 
notification area available. This patch makes the x11 docklet track whether it 
was successfully embedded and uses a longer timeout (15 seconds in this patch) 
only if it successfully embedded on the previous execution. Otherwise, 
 it uses the shorter 5 second timeout.

Hopefully this will resolve bug #1629586.


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