I'm working on a software project for Cornell University's Information
Science department where volunteer experimental subjects will use a gAIM
plugin to rate the content of their messages (for example, they will send a
message and then have to give it a rating of 1-5 in terms of deception).
However, in addition to this, the professor in charge of the project wants
to be able to log all the keystrokes of the users as they enter messages
(again using deception as an example, this is supposed to enable the
researcher to see if a subject used backspace more in a more highly
deceptive message, etc.)

Can the keystroke logging be done inside a plugin without having to modify
the actual gAIM source?  I've been looking at the signals, and there doesn't
seem to be a signal sent out that would enable this to be done inside of a

- Rodney Eng
- Computer Science
- Cornell University, Master of Engineer
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