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                 (1972 & earlier to Present)

          Over 350,000 Citations & Abstracts

FREE ACCESS over the internet until August 31, 2001.

Click on the: "Click here for FREE Database of the
link near the top of the Women's Resources
International (WRI)


Women's Resources International is the most
women's studies resource available. Citations and
abstracts are
drawn from a variety of essential women's studies
databases which
range in coverage from classic works & core studies to
the latest
scholarship in feminist research.

Source documents include related websites, internet
professional journals, conference proceedings, books,
chapters, government reports, theses, etc. covering
the following
subjects in depth:

**  feminist studies - theory & history
**  art, language & culture
**  political/social activism
**  women's rights & suffrage
**  prejudice & gender discrimination
**  sexuality, lesbianism, reproductive rights
**  women in development, employment
**  Modern & Victorian periods
**  violence & abusive relationships
**  psychology, marriage & family

Subscriptions to Women's Resources International are
available on
CD-ROM and NISC's BiblioLine Internet Service
(quarterly updates).

Other related products published by NISC include:
Gay & Lesbian Abstracts
Family & Society Studies Worldwide
Alternative Press Index
Child Abuse, Child Welfare & Adoption - FREE

Please contact Debbie Durr by phone (+1 410 243 0797)
or Email
at ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) with any questions.  Thank you for
your time
and consideration.






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