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> The U.S American  National Council for Research on Woman
> published a report on
>                       BALANCING THE EQUATION
>                       Where Are Women and Girls in Science,
>                       Engineering and Technology (
> Balancing the Equation identifies the gains made in science,
>                       engineering and technology, the key challenges
> that remain, the lessons
>                       learned, and new issues that must be addressed. A
> Resource Guide in
>                       the report provides the reader with material to
> pursue further research
>                       about successful programs, many of which were
> established by
>                       NCRW member centers. Also included are
> Recommendations, which
>                       emphasize that an increase in women and girls'
> participation in all levels
>                       of science, engineering and technology requires
> strong leadership,
>                       changes in cultural values and practices, and
> systemic reform.

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