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= Lungujja Women's Association (L.W.A)
    Mission: To empower women through soliciting funds from members or
    other sources and building our businesses for self-sustenance and
    Lungujja Women's Association is a KITE grant receipient and
    are getting a computer to enable them manage their accounts
    electronically, research business strategies online,  facilitate
    their networking with other women organisations, and enable them
    to provide training in the use of computer technology.

= The Mifumi Project
    Mission:The Mifumi Project is a registered NGO whose objectives
    are to support the community through development projects
    including education, healthcare promotion  and income generating
    schemes in Mifumi, in Eastern Uganda. Our goal is to help the
    people of Mifumi to help themselves.


= Gender Disaggregated Data Capacity Building Workshop
      In March 2001, a capacity building, training workshop was
      implemented by Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industries and
      Forestry (MAAIF) Planning Department funded by FAO under the
      programme of Integrated Support to Sustainable Development and
      Food Security (IP). This historic workshop generated much
      consciousness on gender disaggregated data (GDD) by transforming
      the quality of information gathering and processing. The
      dynamics of gender in relation to statistical information, the
      institution of the family in terms of division of labour,
      resource allocation among men and women, boys and girls, has
      gained particular significance.


a)  ICT-related Organisations

= Network Startup Resource Center
      The Network Startup Resource Center (NSRC), a non-profit
      organization, has been involved for many years with the design
      and deployment of networking technology in various projects
      throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, the
      Middle East, and Oceania.

b) Development Links and Resources

= Learning and Development Kenya
      Learning and Development Kenya (LDK) is a national
      non-governmental, non-profit, non-sectarian development
      organization founded in June 1998. It implements its programmes
      together with other NGOs and Government ministries concerned
      with alleviation of extreme poverty, gender equality and
      technology integration.

c) Health Links and Resources

= ISIS Foundation
      ISIS Foundation works with NGOs in Uganda and Nepal to assist
      mothers and children, largely in primary health care and
      education. In Uganda, the initial proposal is to fund a portion
      of the Kiwoko Hospital community based health care ("CBHC")
      programme, Luwero District.

d) Human Rights Links and Resources

= Raising Voices
      Based in Kampala, Uganda, Raising Voices is a non-profit,
      international organization that works in partnership with local
      organizations in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania to prevent violence
      against women and children. Their website includes information
      on programmatic tools developed by Raising Voices to
      strengthen violence prevention efforts at the grassroots and
      current efforts underway within the Region.

e) General Resources

= Africa Expo
      We are a non-profit corporation devoted to funding several
      charities in Africa and in the United States so that ALL of the
      profits will go to these charities. Some are medical while others
      are educational.
      Africa-Expo was created for the purpose of providing a
      showplace for the arts, culture, handicrafts, products and
      technology of the fifty-five nations of Africa in order to
      bring wider communication, education, trade and understanding
      between our two continents while raising funds for our African
      and African-American charities. The dates for the Africa Expo
      are December 17-23, 2002.


July 2001
= Lungujja Women's Association (L.W.A) hosts two Norwegian students
     In June 2001, Hege Elisabeth Sotberg and Ingrid Spjeldnęs
     posted a message on WOUGNET seeking to participate in a
     development project directed towards women in Kampala. This
     posting was followed by an invitation from the Lungujja Women's
     Association to participate in their projects, and in July 2001,
     the two students arrived in Kampala for a 10-week visit.

August 2001
= On August 23rd, 2001, Isis-WICCE launched two research reports on
    Women and War. "Women's Experiences of Armed Conflict Situations
    in Uganda: The case of Gulu District 1986-1999" and "Medical
    Interventional Study of War Affected Gulu District, Uganda" are
    essentially two parts of the same report. The reports are
    available from Isis WICCE for US$5 each, and will be online by
    September 2001. Abstracts of the two reports are available from:

November 2001
= Visiting Scholarships at the Centre for African Studies
    The Harry Oppenheimer Institute for African Studies funds an
    annual scholarship for Scholars who are working from within
    the African Continent beyond South Africa's boarders in the broad
    area of African Studies. Obtain conditions of the award and
    application guidelines from:

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