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We received this info through theWIGSAT list and summarized it:

The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in
Computing for 2002 will take place from 10 October 2002 to 12 October
2002 in Vancouver, British Columbia and the theme of the conference will be
"Ubiquity," focusing on the ubiquity of the impact of computers on our daily
lives and the ubiquity of the impact women are making on this technical

The Grace Hopper Celebration is currently calling for participation and
invites any interested parties, from students to published researchers, to
submit papers, panels, workshops, or posters to the conference.  Submissions
are due November 1, 2001 for technical papers, panels, workshops, technical
posters, birds-of-a-feather sessions, and Technology Innovation Forums
(TIFs). TIFs are highly interactive workshops in which attendees brainstorm
about specific products that will take advantage of future technologies. The
Website for submissions is

Travel funds are available.
Contact: Ann Redelfs, SDSC, [EMAIL PROTECTED], 858-534-5032

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