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= Eastern African Sub-regional Support Initiative for the
Advancement of Women (EASSI)

EASSI organised a three day  Sub-regional Conference on women and
land rights in Kampala, Uganda, from 29th-31st  October, 2001. The
conference was a follow-up to a recently concluded research on women
and land in five countries of Eastern Africa. The major outcome of
the conference is the action plan, drawn at country and sub-regional

= Isis-Women's International Cross-Cultural Exchange

On August 23rd, 2001, Isis-WICCE launched two research reports.
"Women's Experiences of Armed Conflict Situations in Uganda: The case
of Gulu District 1986-1999" and "Medical Interventional Study of War
Affected Gulu District, Uganda" are essentially two parts of the same
report. Copies are available in the Isis-WICCE resource centre at
US$5 each and are now available online.


= Report of Training for the Forum for Kalongo Parish Women
Association (FOKAPAWA) on Project Planning,  Management/Leadership
and Finance Management skills.  September 24-28, 2001.

The TeleFood cassava project in Kalongo parish is considered as
the "green gold" in the area, reflecting the only hope in "Food
for the future" since other crops have since withered due to the
onslaught of the poor weather conditions. The challenge for FOKAPAWA
is to look for market in order to go further. The purpose of this
workshop was to train leaders of the group members of FOKAPAWA in
managerial and leadership skills and spread the message to all


= Seventh Parliament of Uganda
           The 7th Parliament of Uganda has 74 women members of
           parliament (MPs): 13 County Representatives, 56 District
           Women Representatives, and 5 Special Interests

= East African Legislative Assembly
           On November 30, 2001, the heads of state for Kenya, Uganda
           and Tanzania launched the East African Legislative
           Assembly. In the Assembly, Uganda will be represented by
           nine members, including four women.


a) African &  International Women Organisations

= Bhutan Women and Children Organisation (BWCO)
Bhutan Women and Children Organisation (BWCO) as an independent,
non-profit, non-partisan, politically un-aligned and grassroots
non-governmental organisation was established on November 23, 1990 in
exile by the Bhutanese women to organise themselves for the
protection, promotion and defence of women's and child rights, and
advancement and empowerment of women in Bhutan.

= Centre d'Espoir pour Filles et Femmes (C.E.F.F. - O.N.G.)
Based in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo, CEFF's goal is to
advocate the girls' and women's rights in promoting their formal
education and vocational training as well as to help them to find
sustainable solutions through loans. The goal is to make them
self-sufficient - to be economically independent. (In French)

= Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre (LACC) - Nepal
The Legal Aid and Consultancy Centre (LACC) as an independent
non-profit, non-partisan and non-governmental legal resource
organisation was established in 1987 by a group of lawyers for the
protection and promotion of the rights and interests of women and
children in Nepal. As a pioneer legal resource organisation, it is
dedicated for the advancement and empowerment of women, their dignity,
uplifting of their socio-legal status and protection of child rights.

b) Education Links and Resources

= Opportunities for Study and Training of African Women Students
The Institute for Education of Women in Africa and the Diaspora
(IEWAD) is pleased to offer the second edition of the 2001-2002
Opportunities for Study and Training of African Women
Students/Scholars resource guide. The guide is available in PDF
format from:

c) General Links and Resources

= Internet Living Swahili Dictionary
      The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary is designed to fill a need
      in African Studies and East African education.Using the Internet,
      the project draws on the minds of speakers and scholars of
      Swahili all over the world. An important aspect of this project
      is to produce a "living" on-line dictionary that can be updated
      constantly and available instantaneously from any internet
      connection in the world. The Kamusi Project Internet Living
      Swahili Dictionary is under the auspices of the Council on
      African Studies at the Yale University Center for International
      and Area Studies.


May 2002

= Coady International Institute: Certificate in Managing NGO Resource
    Centres. May 13 - June 07, 2002
      The Certificate in Managing NGO Resource Centres will
      provide participants with the opportunity to gain or improve
      skills in managing information, as well as to analyse the
      dynamics of indigenous knowledge, appropriate media, information
      sharing and networking. During the program participants will
      develop an action plan for their resource centre's contribution
      to the community-based development, information and education
      strategies of their organization.

July 2002

= Women's Worlds 2002 Congress Call for Abstracts: Gendering Pleasure
      The Women's Worlds 2002 Congress is inviting abstracts on the
      theme: Gendering Pleasure. Possible topics include:
     - The Pleasures and significance of reading poetry, novels, etc
     - The pleasure and significance of closeness/touch/the body/sex
     - The pleasure of motherhood/parenting
     - Other pleasures from a historical/sociological/anthropological,
        religious or literary perspective

= Call for Proposals: Second Know How Conference
      We call on women's media, Internet managers, information and
      advocacy organizations -as well as researchers- to submit
      proposals for the Second Know How Conference, to be held at the
      Makerere University campus, Kampala, Uganda, 21-26 July 2002.
      Your proposal should address the Conference's mission, which is:
      "To build and consolidate powerful relationships between
      participating organizations, in order to create new programs to
      make information on the position of women, and for women, highly
      accessible and visible."

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