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Sent: Monday, March 11, 2002 9:05 AM
Subject: Discussion forum on gender aspects of ageing

Dear Colleagues,
I am pleased to inform you that INSTRAW will be launching a special section
on its website on "Gendered Aspects of Ageing" on the occasion of the Second
World Assembly on Ageing that will be held in Madrid, Spain from 8 to 12
April 2002.  Among the items to be featured on this websection is a special
collection of resources on the topic.  The launch of this section, featuring
the special collection of resources, is only the first step in what we hope
will become a joint endeavor between INSTRAW and its network community.  We
hope that this special collection will keep expanding and that network
members and other colleagues will continue to send us relevant information
that might be featured on the site, (such as articles/reports/publication;
activities/events; news of recent legislation/policy; good
practices/initiatives targeted to older women in your country or region.

As part of this activity, we hope to organize an online discussion forum
prior to the World Assembly.  Therefore, we would like to know if you would
be interested in contributing to its conceptualization and implementation.

Your contribution is welcome in any of the following ways:

-Suggest topics that you would like to see discussed.
-Provide a working/background paper on a topic that you would like
-Moderate parts of the discussion, stimulate, guide and summarize the
-Submit inputs to the discussions.

Please let us know in which way would like to get engaged in this
INSTRAW/GAINS activity by  15 March, when we will be launching the

I  look forward to hearing from you soon.
Julia Tavares

United Nations INSTRAW
Tel: (809) 685-2111
Fax: (809) 685-2117


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