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My colleague Lesley Abdela of Project Parity (training future women leaders
worldwide) is compiling a listing of perhaps 50 eyecatching campaigns that
NGOs and pressure groups have used successfully to attract Press and Media
attention, to bring their cause to public and political attention.  We are
very keen to hear from other organisations about short, inexpensive
successful events that have caught the Press and Media attention.  The
listing will be made available to any campaign groups, particularly new
ones, to help them plan their own campaigns.
We would appreciate it if you could send us your suggestions for inclusion
in the list - campaigns on your or any subjects you have run or campaigns on
any subject (environment, health, education, peace-making, equality,
reconciliation, violence against women, etc) you have heard about.

Below, for example, is a very inexpensive campaign being run by women
against violence in Sri Lanka.

With kindest regards.

Tim Symonds
Executive Director
Project Parity
United Kingdom

Tel. +44 (0) 1892 891 106

The Clothesline Project - Sri Lanka  March 8

The Clothesline Project Sri Lanka invites women from all walks of life to
come forward and speak out against all forms of violence against women.
If you are or have been a victim of violence of any kind, including
battery, rape, assault, emotional and psychological blackmail from families,
if you
have been targeted because of your sexual orientation, survived incest or
childhood abuse, or any other such abuse, we invite you to share your story
with hundreds of other women, many of whom are in similar situations,
through the clothesline project.
The clothesline project is a visual display that bears witness to violence
against women. During the display, a clothesline is hung with clothes such
as a t-shirt, a skirt, a kurta, hatte etc. Each garment is decorated to
represent a particular women's experience of violence and should, be made
by the survivor herself, or by someone who cares about her. (we prefer you
any piece of your own clothing to write out your story) it can tell an
individual woman's story, it can bear her whole story, or just parts of it,
or even simply contain a short powerful statement opposing such violence
and celebrating the spirit of womankind. Displayed together they are a
testimony about the war being raged against women. It is a way of airing
our society's dirty laundry.

The Project will be launched at International Women's Day on the 8th

We invite as many women as possible to come forward and join this project.
You many choose to remain anonymous and confidentiality is assured. In case
you need supplies, such as a t-shirt or writing material or if you have any
concerns, please contact the undersigned.

Revati Chawla

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