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Dear Friends,

Please find attached [GAINSNetModerator: the text follows this message] the
conclusion paper of the 2nd Conference of Women Parliamentarians of South
Eastern Europe
held in Istanbul 22/23rd March.

Ka.Der Turkey whose mission is to promote women for politics and decision
making posts ,
is very happy to have contributed to the meeting of women parliamentarians
and  look
forward to cooperating with womens instutions working in the same avenue.

Nilgün Erdem Lermioglu


2nd Conference of Women Parliamentarians of South Eastern Europe
March 22-23rd Istanbul
Organized by International Institute for Democracy - Strasburg
and Ka.Der - Turkey  ( Support and Train Women for Politics )


On 22nd and 23rd March 2002 , parliamentary delegations from Albenia,Bosnia
and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Crotia, Greece , the Former Yugoslav Republic of
Macedonia, Moldova ,Romania, Turkey and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia ,
as well as representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of
Europe and the European Parliament met in Istanbul at the 2nd Conference of
Women Parliementarians of South
Eastern Europe, organized by IID and Ka.Der .

The participants reviewed progress , since the first conference in Athens
( September 2002 ) and shortcomings in the establishment of national
mechanisms to promote womens participation in the decision-making process.
They also discussed the role of women in conflict prevention and resolution.
They wished that a special part of EU structural funds should be earmarked
and used for strengtening gender equality actions in each country.

The participants welcomed the agreement concluded, in May 2001 in
Ljublijana, between the Stability Pact Task Forces on Parliamentary
Cooperation and on Gender, and decided to send a contribution with 10
recommendations to the Fifth European Ministrerial Conference on Equality
between Women and Men to be held in Skopje in spring 2002. Recalling that
the Council of Europe has a longstanding commitment to human rights and
gender issues, the participants called on the Conference to adopt the
following recommendations:

1-      It be born in mind that gender mainstreaming in all domestic legislation
is among the criteria for EU membership, and all existing domestic
legislation be checked on gender mainstreaming and amended accordingly.
2-      Equal access and full participation of women in decision making bodies be
actively promoted by all institutions of the State, as these are
indispersable conditions for the functioning of a democratic society;
3-      Conditions be created for women and men in decision making bodies to
reconcile professional and family life, e.g. by harmonizing the work
sehedules of elected bodies with school time tables and holidays;
4-      A legal framework be created in all countries of South Eastern Europe
enabling womens organisations involved in conflict prevention ,
peace-building and reconciliation to work smoothly and to receive easily
financial and material support from domestic or forign donors;
5-      Support and training be provided to womens organisations enabling them to
effectively  lobby decision makers at both national and internaitonal level,
urging them to take into acconut and respect international legal instruments
directed to the resolution of conflicts;
6-      Balanced representation be fostered in political life, in particular in
those areas of defence, security and conflict prevention.
7-      Multicultural, trans-border and regional womens inituatives for
preventing and resolving conflicts be promoted and disseminated by all
possible means including through networking and information technology;
8-      Special attention be paid to convincing the media that hate speech and
the glorification of violance be banned from audiovisual programmes and
press articles;
9-      All measures be taken to teach young people and especially girls and
young women to integrate in their lifestyle the systematic refusal of every
form of discrimination, be it for reasons of race, gender, belief or
10-     Research into gender issues, conflict prevention and mediation by women
in South Eastern Europe be fostered, and that means be made avilable to make
the results widely known and used in designing domestic and regional

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