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Subject: FW: Call for Proposals: Integrating Gender in Agricultural

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Subject: Call for Proposals: Integrating Gender in Agricultural Research

Integrating the gender factor in agricultural research

The Association for Strengthening Agricultural Research in Eastern and 
Central Africa/ECAPAPA has obtained a grant from the International
Development Research Centre (IDRC) to help researchers and development
practitioners in eastern and southern Africa to integrate the gender
factor in agricultural research. This is in recognition of the  potential
gains (and concerns) in relevance, equity, sustainability and  efficiency
that can be obtained from the work we do if we recognise and be conscious
about the different roles of men, women and children. 

Who can apply
Three-page pre-proposals are requested from teams of researchers and 
development practitioners who may be based in the National Agricultural
Research Institutes, Universities, commodity/factor networks,  development
agencies, non-governmental organisations, etc. in the ten  ASARECA member
countries. Mixed teams of biophysical and social  scientists would be an
added advantage. The duration for the study will be 9-12 months and the
estimated budget will range from US$ 5,000-10,000.

Closing date 29 Mar 2002
Further details:  [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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