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Subject: FW: OXFAM: Retraining Women Engineers in Kabul

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Subject: OXFAM: Retraining Women Engineers in Kabul

Women Engineers Training Project Co-ordinator, Kabul, Afghanistan  

Job Title:      Woman Engineers Training Project Co-ordinator   
Job Purpose:    To organise the refresher training of qualified Afghan women
engineers, most of whom have not worked as engineers since 1995 and to
support them in finding employment after the course.    
Reporting Lines:        Reports to Gender Team Leader.  
Location:       Kabul, Afghanistan      
Duration:       4 months, may be extended.

Several hundred Afghan women currently in Afghanistan are engineering
graduates of 5-year programs at Kabul University and polytechnic.  Many
were employed as engineers, some for upwards of twenty years, before they
were banned from working in 1995. In dismissing women from their jobs, the
country lost ~30% of its engineering professionals, including university
and polytechnic faculty and staff, engineers in public and government
service, private companies, and individual consultants. Engineers who have
been unemployed for 5 years are at a distinct disadvantage in the labour
market.  While unemployment is high for everyone in Afghanistan, this
history of forced unemployment and deliberate revocation of professional
status is a disadvantage unique to women.  There are virtually no female
engineers with recent professional training or work experience to support
their applications in a competitive job market.
In the rehabilitation stage of any emergency the demand for engineers is
high, and increases greatly as reconstruction gets underway.  This is very
much the case in Afghanistan.  The need is immediate: employers cannot
wait long for women to retrain or update their skills.  Jobs will
understandably go to those with current qualifications, who will quickly
become established as the 'new' professionals in Afghanistan.  Women will
be excluded from current and ensuing employment opportunities unless
immediate action is taken to refresh and update their professional skills.
The Refresher Training Course for Afghan Women Engineers proposal is to be
an 8-week course to update and make current the professional skills and
competencies of Afghan women engineers. Oxfam aims to offer 100
professional women engineers the opportunity to gain contemporary
knowledge and skills required to present themselves competitively in the
labour market.  

Key Activities:

To establish the engineering needs of NGO's, UN bodies, Government
Departments and private companies and where possible get written
confirmation that they agree to take on X amount of women engineers when
the course is completed.
Establish the perceived needs of a representative group of qualified woman
engineers to enable them to return to employment in engineering.
Design the course curriculum for the 8 week course and organise trainers,
either from the University or Polytechnic of Kabul or from outside of
Afghanistan, to teach the syllabus. The course will be focused on water,
sanitation and construction engineering.
Set criteria and select 100 women engineers.
Manage the requirements of both the students and the teachers throughout
the course
Monitor and manage the budget, some L260,000, for the project.
Where possible teach a particular engineering subject on the course
To report regularly, verbally and in writing to the Gender Team Leader and
to represent Oxfam to other NGO's, agencies and Government authorities
where requested.
To be familiar with and abide by the NGO/Red Cross Code of Conduct, the
People in Aid Code, Oxfam International procedures and other regulatory
codes (e.g. InterAction Field Co-operation Protocol). 

*Activities 1 to 4 should mostly have already been completed by the time
this post is filled. 

Key Competencies:

Experience in organising and running training courses is essential.

A suitable qualification in any discipline relating to Public Health is
preferable. Experience could substitute for a formal qualification, but
not vice versa. Ability to teach part of the syllabus preferable.

It is essential that the post holder be particularly aware of and
sensitive to the particular needs of women in this context.

More than two years' practical experience in developing countries in
appropriate water supplies, sanitation and hygiene promotion preferable.
The post holder should have a good understanding of the public health
needs of poor rural and urban communities and of appropriate ways of
tackling them. 

The ability to present concise reports, sometimes at short notice,
reflecting the problems and possible solutions for particular situations.

Diplomacy, tact and administrative skills in order to work with people at
managerial and, on occasions, senior government levels. The post holder
should also be at ease in working with local people. 

Well developed interpersonal and team skills and proven ability to be
flexible in demanding situations.

A capacity and desire to pass on skills and information to colleagues
overseas is essential.

Good written and spoken English is essential.

Basic working knowledge of Dari would be a distinct advantage.

Sympathy with the aims and objectives of Oxfam.

Commitment to humanitarian principles and action.

Commitment to Oxfam's equal opportunity and gender policies.

Paul Sherlock
Technical Coodinator
Public Health Engineering Team

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