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Sent: Monday, April 01, 2002 3:15 PM
Subject: Fw: INSTRAW activities on Gender and Ageing

Dear GAINSNet members,

As you know, INSTRAW recently launched its new webpages on Gender Aspects of
Ageing (www.un-instraw.org/ageing).  In addition to providing useful
resources on the issue, we have also set up two activities which we hope you
will participate in.

1.  One activity involves an email-based Discussion Forum on Gender Aspects
of Violence and Abuse of Older Persons.  As of today (1 April) you can
register to this mailing list which will initiate discussions on 15 - 26
April with our guest moderator, Jill Hightower, President of the British
Colombia Coalition to Eliminate Abuse of Seniors and Vice-Chair of the
British Colombia Institute Against Family Violence.  We hope you will
register and participate actively in this discussion forum.  To register
send an email to [EMAIL PROTECTED] with subscribe in the
subject line.

2. Another activity is the Bulletin Board on ageing aspects of the 12
critical areas of concern of the Beijing Platform for Action.   You do not
need to register for this Bulletin Board.  Just enter the bulletin board at
http://un-instraw.org/discus/messages/38/38.html where you can post news,
information, concerns and experiences on different aspects of gender and

We hope you will participate in these two activities.  Please feel free to
share this information with any of your colleagues.

We look forward to your response and involvement.
Best regards,
Julia Tavares

Julia Tavares-Bucher
Associate Social Affairs Officer - INSTRAW

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