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HIV/Aids Crisis Caused by Gender Imbalance
By Milton Olupot

New Vision (Kampala) - March 13, 2002
Milton Olupot

GENDER inequality is the root of the AIDS crisis, a conference on HIV/AIDS
held in Kampala over the weekend, was told.

The recent trends show more women becoming infected at a very early age.
The conference also heard that HIV/AIDS will surpass the bubonic plague as
history's worst pandemic.

The Hunger Project chief, Ms. Joan Holmes, said if the 40 million people
living with HIV or AIDS do not get life-prolonging drugs, AIDS will
surpass the bubonic plague.

Presenting the basic facts on AIDS at the two-day meeting at the
International Conference Centre, Holmes said AIDS has become the most
devastating disease humankind has ever faced and experts predict that the
worst is still to come.

She said the cumulative number of people estimated to be infected with HIV
worldwide is over 60 million since the beginning of the pandemic and
almost 50% of them got infected before the age of 25.

The report says most of the infected people will die before their 35th
birthday, while 95% of the new infections are in the world's poorest
countries where the ability to provide prevention and care is limited.

Eight African countries took part in the conference, under the theme,
"AIDS and gender inequality: Action at the grassroots."

They included Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal,
Zimbabwe and Uganda.

Source: AEGIS March 13, 2002
Web: http://ww2.aegis.org/news/nv/2002/NV020311.html


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