On 3/8/06, Andrew Diederich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I've been using the windows version of gajim on XP for about two
> months.  Unfortunately it crashed several times a day, usually when I
> get a toast for a new message.  My suspicion is it's in the gtk
> portion rather than the python portion, but that's mostly a guess.
Please get latest revision of the exe which is built against GTK 2.6
now which is way stabler. We apologize but noone could guess 2.8 is so
unstable in Windows.

> I've noticed it gets slower as the day goes on, especially in actions
> such as changing my presence with the toolbar on the bottom.  I have
> two active accounts on all the time, one an XCP server, and one a
> wildfire server.  I get a few chats an hour out of each account.  Most
> of the roster items have avatars, and several of the roster items are
> through transports, so they use non-jabber icons.
If you can reproduce this "slowness" with the latest revision of .9.1
maybe you would like to try SVN version then.

> What information can I get you to help debug the problems?  I loaded
> the opera crash inspector program, so I could give you lots of those
> if you want them.
As you said it's GTK (sadly or not sadly).

Thanks for using and caring about Gajim, Andrew

Nikos Kouremenos
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