On 3/8/06, Nikos Kouremenos <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Please get latest revision of the exe which is built against GTK 2.6
> now which is way stabler. We apologize but noone could guess 2.8 is so
> unstable in Windows.

Pleased to do so.  Where in svn is this?  I took a quick look at
http://trac.gajim.org/browser/trunk and didn't see it.  I just
installed svn on my windows box, but have never used it.

Or, do I need to go and build it from the hints on

> If you can reproduce this "slowness" with the latest revision of .9.1
> maybe you would like to try SVN version then.

Is there more than one version of 0.9.1?  The version I downloaded was
in early January.  I downloaded the one with GTK bundled.

> As you said it's GTK (sadly or not sadly).

If it was a python problem my own little world would have been
severely damaged.  :)  GTK windows problems won't shake my core
beliefs about the universe.

> Thanks for using and caring about Gajim, Andrew

Not a problem.  Of the many windows jabber clients I've tried, I like
gajim the best.

Andrew Diederich
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