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Le Boulanger Yann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Andrew Diederich wrote:
> > 
> > Is there more than one version of 0.9.1?  The version I downloaded
> > was in early January.  I downloaded the one with GTK bundled.
> > 
> So it's not the latest, and it uses GTK2.8.
> take gajim-0.9.1+gtk-4.exe here:
> www.gajim.org/downloads/
> if it still crashes. tell us and we'll explain how to use svn version 
> under windows.

Just a few words to say : I was using Gajim svn + python 2.3 + gtk 2.8,
and I had a lot of crash like those described by Andrew.
On Yann suggestion, I move to python 2.4 + gtk 2.6, which is said to be
more stable.

However, after a couple of weeks testing this configuration, I still
got the same problems. I'll have to wait until tomorrow to give you
more details of what happens, but as far as I can remember, it was GTK's
fault : after several hours of gajim use, windows start to freeze,
then they were not refresh correctly, and finally, I had a wonderful
"not enough memory error" (or something like that), which lead to Gajim

I had screenshots and ouput log of the problems, but I didn't take the
time to post it here. I could provide you both of these tomorrow.

Jonathan (aka multani)
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