On 3/8/06, Le Boulanger Yann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Andrew Diederich wrote:
> >
> > Is there more than one version of 0.9.1?  The version I downloaded was
> > in early January.  I downloaded the one with GTK bundled.
> So it's not the latest, and it uses GTK2.8.
> take gajim-0.9.1+gtk-4.exe here:
> www.gajim.org/downloads/
> if it still crashes. tell us and we'll explain how to use svn version
> under windows.

I uninstalled the version I had, installed that one.  All my history
and servers were still there.  It does run a bit faster.  I'll let you
know if I get any crashes.

Next time the installer is changed out like this, could an email be
sent to the list, or the page updated?  That way I can know to change
my installed version.

Thanks for the help.

Andrew Diederich
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