Josef Kufner wrote:
> Pau Rodriguez-Estivill píše v Po 27. 03. 2006 v 17:02 +0200:
>> Hi!
>> I propose to automatic create a virtual Meta-Buddy (or meta-contact)
>> when a buddy has the same alias (name) and are in the same group. With
>> that people can have the same person accessible for different JID's and
>> in the same place inside the roaster. And by other hand the meta-buddy's
>> are automatically adopted and also does not need to create some strange
>> roaster structure. I haven't researched for possible extensions for
>> roaster but I think that normally people does not have 2 different
>> persons with the same alias (name) and in the same group, and when it
>> was is because it is the same person with different jids.
>> Thanks!
> This is realy nice idea !!
> There should be some way to determine most usable contact to be used as
> default (when Metta-Buddy is selected -- for example: double clicked
> when opening chat). This wants simple and genial idea, how make roaster
> behaviour.
We can use as first idea the usage of Meta-Contacts of Gaim 2.0, it has
a good idea too to add some functionality for start chatting directly to
a specified resource instead of using the default priorities.

For automatic usage could be implemented as in jabber by checking the
state, the priority, and time since last iq send as priorities while
check between 2 different jid's. But as said the possibility to send to
specified resource could be also for specified jid inside the meta-buddy

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