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I have to saiy I haven't use Gaim2 and a lot here haven't. so when you
refer to Gaim2 please be more detailed.

Gaim 2 let the user to send the mesages directly to the buddy (but not yet to the resource directly). On the other hand gaim allways reply to the last buddy who send a missage. So If an user talks with me using Yahoo I will reply to Yahoo but when the user change and starts to talk by jabber I will follow his change and reply automaticly to the jabber.

In Gaim 2 also apears the avatar for each buddy inside the meta-contact.

The normal order of priority sould be first statuses by: Free4Chat, avaliable, away, xa, offline. And then by priority when the statuses are the same, and last the will be more priority for the resource who sends the last iq. Isn't it? But will this is not the main part.

Now about the auto magic, it could be good but it could be also bad.
those automations also spit a helper app that expalins what happend
and says how to turn this off (but then again we're not word

Why I think this automation shouldn't be done in Gajim is this:
I have Paul McCartney and I want to add Paul Thomas Andreson in my roster.

McCartney I have him as 'paul'

so I go to add PTA as 'paul' too. I add him (I dont remember or don't
care that I have alreayd a paul). result: PTA is hidden under
McCartney <music_geekness>and I go listen to: "How do you sleep" of
Lennon. </music_geekness>

unless I miss sth, I don't think we should do this automation. User
can just drag and drop two pauls and we're sure he's surpised by

Ok, If it is implemented in SVN then maybe is not needed to change any thing, because what you say is right.
I will take a look to SVN features. Thanks!
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