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> Luckily (or not as you see it) Jabber has the concept of Priority. I
> think (Yann correct me if I'm wrong) we always go for Jabber if
> "contact is msn and jabber" and if more jabbers, we always go to
> higher priority.

ah sorry I enrich myself on the "or not" part. Priority is a great
feature, but it's somehow hard to expose to everyday user [yes I agree
that everyday use doesn't also know what multiple resources is and
that it can do that (it's why I did not mind Yann wontfixing that
ticket [see below]].

Yann didn't like associating priority with status (jabber: show) so we
never did this automation. I'm again a bit sad on this as it means
that most resources get to have prio 5 [our default] and it's up to
the server to handle this situation:


he has 'work' and 'home' resources both with prio 5. server can send
to last resource that got connected, send to both, or see the weather
and decide..

I think most of the times, servers do 'most recently connected'
resources which is safer than everything else [perhpas it could send
to both that's safe too]

anyways that's all.

Nikos Kouremenos
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