On 3/27/06, Pau Rodriguez-Estivill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi again!
> Just because you have added the new mail check for gmail. I think that
> could be also good idea to automatically change the connection server
> when server is "gmail.com" or "googlemail.com" to directly
> "talk.google.com". To avoid manual changes for this server.

we do it talk.google.com silently if nslookup is found. we could
hardcode it though [check if gmail.com or googlemail.com and do it
talk.google.com without waiting for nslookup], ticket it please.

about lock manual changes, we don't have TYPE of account (sth like:
"normal", "Gtalk") so we can't do that.

> On the other hand I have looked to gajim meta contacts and I see that
> you propose you own jabber roaster extensions called gajim:metacontacts.
> Maybe could be good idea before release the 0.10 to try to talk with
> jabber.org and crate a JEP and permit other programs to benefit of that.

gajim:metacontacts? really? that's the old ns. Kev is supposed to be
updating the JEP that Yann wrote.

Nikos Kouremenos
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