Hi all,

A pre-release for Gajim 0.10 is available here:


It's time you help us testing extensively this version of Gajim.

Here is the changelog:
  * One Messages Window ability (default to it) with tab reordering ability
  * Non blocking socket connections. Gajim no longer remains unresponsive.
  * Gajim now uses less memory
  * File Transfer improvements (now should work out of the box for all)
  * Meta Contacts ability (relationships between contacts)
  * Support for legacy composing event (JEP-0022). Now 'Contact is
composing a message' will always work
  * Gajim now defaults to theme that uses GTK colors
  * Roster Management Improvements (f.e. editablity of transport names,
extended Drag and Drop Functionality)
  * History (chat logs) Manager (search globally, delete, etc)
  * Animated Emoticons ability
  * Support for GTalk email notifications for GMail
  * Room administrators can modify room ban list
  * Gajim no longer optionally depends on pydns or dnspython. Requires
  dnsutils (or whatever package provides the nslookup binary)
  * gajim-remote has extended functionality
  * Improved Preset Status Messages Experience
  * Detection for CRUX as user's operating system
  * New art included, appropriate sizes of icons used where available
  * Translations under Windows now work okay
  * Tons of fixes for bugs and annoyances

Gajim Team

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