Installing gajim-0.10+gtk-pre1.exe (with the automatic uninstall)
solved the problem. 0.10.0 came up immediately.  I guess this means I
don't understand when you need the version with gtk+, and when not.

First impressions.  I've been using it for nearly two minutes now.  :)
1) Toast is 2-3 times bigger. This is a little too big.  I do like the
vcard avatars in the toast.  I don't know if that was in there before.

2) The about box should show what version of gtk+ it's using.  This
can help with debugging.

3) The gajim icon in the windows taskbar doesn't have the transparency
set right.  I see a black square with the green guy, and I should just
see the green guy.

I'll let you know if I see anything else.

Andrew Diederich
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