Dear Gajim Developers,

I was today fiddling around with, trying to
bring it back to life. However, I experienced rather weird symptoms:
The Filetranfer worked perfektly, but no sign of any activity in the
proxylog. Weird, huh?

Some digging in the config and the source revealed really interesting
things to me: Not that just somehow disappeared
as configured proxy, I had four new ones instead:,, and Some minutes later, I knew why:
Some update procedure for 0.10 removes from the
list, and some other config procedure initalizes the setting mentioned

This sucks, and I am really angry about it. Yes, I guess I understand
the reason why you guys did it. was dead for 
quite a long time (and still is, but will be fixed today, it needs
just some more fiddling in the python-source), and maybe someone 
found that annoying enough to "fix" it that way.

- There is no reason for any program to silently deal with the settings *I* 
  did set up. Especially, if the sole possibility to revert that change
  is somewhere buried in the Advanced Configuration Editor, and nothing 
  told me that this setting was changed.
- Jabber is about privacy, so it is - at least in my eyes - a no-go to
  silently route private data through some private proxies. I trust
  the administrators of the four mentioned jabberds above, so no
  offense here, but still: It is *my* decision where I want to have,
  send or distribute my data, not the decision of any Gajim-Developers.

- Hard coded server lists are evil. Just imagine what happens if one
  of those proxy operators has to pay for traffic beginning next
  month? It will take years or a shutdown of the service to stop the
  traffic. And no, this is not an obscure paranoic rant, see for
  example the various NTP server issues, a nice overview of incidents 
  is available at wikipedia:
  Please, if you really dont want to think about this "feature" of
  pre-polluted proxy lists, change it at least to something more
  dynamic like "fetching an up to date list of proxies using an <iq>
  query at".

- If you blacklist something at a jabberserver, you should at least
  drop a note to the server admin.
Please, think again about this "feature". Gajim is a really cool
client which I used to recommend as one of my favourite clients. But
with such weird and (even worse) undocumented behaviours...

Greetings from Berlin,
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