Florian Holzhauer wrote:
> Dear Gajim Developers,
> I was today fiddling around with proxy65.jabber.ccc.de, trying to
> bring it back to life. However, I experienced rather weird symptoms:
> The Filetranfer worked perfektly, but no sign of any activity in the
> proxylog. Weird, huh?
> Some digging in the config and the source revealed really interesting
> things to me: Not that just proxy65.jabber.ccc.de somehow disappeared
> as configured proxy, I had four new ones instead: jabber.org,
> netlab.cz, freenet.de and chalmers.se. Some minutes later, I knew why:
> Some update procedure for 0.10 removes proxy65.jabber.ccc.de from the
> list, and some other config procedure initalizes the setting mentioned
> above.
> This sucks, and I am really angry about it. Yes, I guess I understand
> the reason why you guys did it. Proxy65.jabber.ccc.de was dead for 
> quite a long time (and still is, but will be fixed today, it needs
> just some more fiddling in the python-source), and maybe someone 
> found that annoying enough to "fix" it that way.
> But:
> - There is no reason for any program to silently deal with the settings *I* 
>   did set up. Especially, if the sole possibility to revert that change
>   is somewhere buried in the Advanced Configuration Editor, and nothing 
>   told me that this setting was changed.
> - Jabber is about privacy, so it is - at least in my eyes - a no-go to
>   silently route private data through some private proxies. I trust
>   the administrators of the four mentioned jabberds above, so no
>   offense here, but still: It is *my* decision where I want to have,
>   send or distribute my data, not the decision of any Gajim-Developers.
> - Hard coded server lists are evil. Just imagine what happens if one
>   of those proxy operators has to pay for traffic beginning next
>   month? It will take years or a shutdown of the service to stop the
>   traffic. And no, this is not an obscure paranoic rant, see for
>   example the various NTP server issues, a nice overview of incidents 
>   is available at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NTP_vandalism
>   Please, if you really dont want to think about this "feature" of
>   pre-polluted proxy lists, change it at least to something more
>   dynamic like "fetching an up to date list of proxies using an <iq>
>   query at proxylist.gajim.org".
> - If you blacklist something at a jabberserver, you should at least
>   drop a note to the server admin.
> Please, think again about this "feature". Gajim is a really cool
> client which I used to recommend as one of my favourite clients. But
> with such weird and (even worse) undocumented behaviours...
> Greetings from Berlin,
> Florian.

Dear Florian,

Indeed we removed proxy65.jabber.ccc.de cause it was dead for a long 
time. I don't understand why you're angry. I hope you don't want us to 
list all non-working FT proxies ?

For hardcoded list: We want Gajim to be simple for everyone. So we 
hardcoded this list so that users don't have ton configure FT proxies 
manually. Most users don't even know what a proxy is. So we can't ask 
them to configure it, or click a button about that. This list is all the 
working FT proxies we could found. If the admin don't want to make their 
proxy public, that just have to disable public access ! You see 4 
proxies for all the world. We can't ask users to find them and configure 
that in Gajim !

Now about security, maybe there is a JEP about GPG over FT proxies ? If 
you want to be secure, just disable proxies and configure your routeur 
to forward you FTPort (28011) to your machine and that's it. 
Unfortunatly it's not possible for 99.9% of users.

We have not blacklisted anything, you can re-add it by hand if you want. 
We just removed it from default proxies as it doesn't work. But tell us 
when it's back so we'll re-add it in default list with pleasure !

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