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on Mon, 15 May 2006, Jan Claeys wrote:
> A good rule about upgrade scripts is to never ever change the (meaning
> of) user's own configuration, and if you _really_ have to, at least give
> them notice about it.  This is even more important if security and/or
> privacy are involved (like in this case).
> (If people wanted insecure software that does all sort of sneaky things
> after their back, they would be using MSN Messenger on Windows and not a
> Jabber client on linux...)

Thanks a lot. You absolutely got my point.. :-) 

The other point is the thing with the hardcoded lists. Dont do that, please.
Jabber provides really cooler ways to realize such things. What, for example,
about a disco#items request to a specific node at the jabberd at
gajim.org which contains a list of proxies? This is transparent to the
user, too, but is much better to maintain. You dont need update functions 
with every new release, and you dont run into issues like I mentioned
(see the wikipedia-url for --verbose).

Greetings from Berlin,

PS: Yes, proxy65.jabber.ccc.de is still nonfunctional. Something weird
in twisted2 changed, so the proxy does not work properly - I'll have
to dig deeper into it within the next days.
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