@Jan Claeys <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As far as I understand, Florian configured proxy65.jabber.ccc.de by
> hand, and an upgrade script replaced it by other proxies?  In that
> case I understand very well why he's angry...
It is not like that. proxy65.jabber.ccc.de was one of the default
proxies since version 0.9. There was no way for to guess that user has
manually set a default value. It was discussed here:
In this thread you just say that you don't like the chosen solution.

> (If people wanted insecure software that does all sort of sneaky
> things after their back, they would be using MSN Messenger on
> Windows and not a Jabber client on linux...)
Me and probably most of the users agree with that.

@Jan Claeys wrote
> The other point is the thing with the hardcoded lists. Dont do that,
> please. Jabber provides really cooler ways to realize such things.
> What, for example, about a disco#items request to a specific node at
> the jabberd at gajim.org which contains a list of proxies? ...
I don't think this will be much better. Whether list comes from update
function, or stanza it is all the same. User still needs to say: I like
[EMAIL PROTECTED] and I don't like that [EMAIL PROTECTED] . Besides, gajim.org
is not quite stable. Personally I think that there should be a button
"Manage proxies", near the checkbutton "Use proxies for FT". Update
wizard was rejected, because of not being simple, but maybe update
info dialog can be accepted as "simple". 

Other tickets, related to FT configuration:

If you have other ideas in mind, please open a ticket.

D. Kirov
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