Op di, 16-05-2006 te 15:09 +0300, schreef Dimitur Kirov:
> @Jan Claeys <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > As far as I understand, Florian configured proxy65.jabber.ccc.de by
> > hand, and an upgrade script replaced it by other proxies?  In that
> > case I understand very well why he's angry...

> It is not like that. proxy65.jabber.ccc.de was one of the default
> proxies since version 0.9. There was no way for to guess that user has
> manually set a default value. It was discussed here:
>         http://trac.gajim.org/ticket/950 
> In this thread you just say that you don't like the chosen solution. 

If I understand that discussion correctly, gajim _copies_ the defaults
into the user's configuration, so they aren't really "defaults" anymore,
but are indistinguishable from user settings?

A better solution is to keep those separate & only merge them at runtime
(and you could also implement three levels: default, system, user).
The default values would be kept with the program (and would get updated
with every program update), system config (if used) would go somewhere
under /etc on linux, unix, etc., and user config goes somewhere in de
user's $HOME.

If I understood that correctly I'll add the above to the bug report...

Jan Claeys

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