Juraj Michalek wrote:
> Hello
> I've finished Slovak translation of Ejabberd. I set up Ejabberd server 
> to use sk as default language. Than I connect to server via Gajim, but 
> Gajim still use english. You can find it e.g. in chatroom configuration, 
> where messages are taken from server side.
> I want to ask how it is possible to setup Gajim to use xml:lang in 
> communication with server and set this variable to value 'sk'.
> Ejabberd supports xml:lang feature ( 
> http://www.process-one.net/en/projects/ejabberd/docs/guide_en.html#htoc16)
> I also found in file session.py in Gajim that there is support for 
> xml:lang, but I did not found where this value came from.
> Thanks for any advice.
> Have a nice day.
>       Juraj Michalek

Gajim doesn't support xml:lang feature. we don't send it, and I didn't 
know that could be usefull. I'll see what can be done. If you have time 
send us a patch :)

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