>> I want to ask how it is possible to setup Gajim to use xml:lang in 
>> communication with server and set this variable to value 'sk'.
>> Ejabberd supports xml:lang feature ( 
>> http://www.process-one.net/en/projects/ejabberd/docs/guide_en.html#htoc16) 
> Gajim doesn't support xml:lang feature. we don't send it, and I didn't 
> know that could be usefull. I'll see what can be done. If you have time 
> send us a patch :)


Thanks for reply. I want add some info. As far as I understand xml:lang 
feature it affects follwing scenario:
You join discussion room and than you want to set up options of this 
room like password protection. When you open window with room option, 
Gajim connect to server and dowload supported options and this is 
displayed to you. Also text with option descrition is downloaded from 
server. If xml:lang is not send from client, server uses default 
language. So you can see room options written in english.

When you have e.g. slovak translation of Gajim and server also supports 
'sk' language, than it would be useful to set xml:lang option also to 
sk. Because after that you can see room options in slovak language (not 
english as it is now).

So, this is how I understand xml:lang feature.

Thank you for kind reply.

Have a nice day

        Juraj Michalek

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