Yavor Doganov wrote:
> The new version of Gossip (0.11.1) has a feature which I consider
> quite useful: when a contact becomes online, a notification message
> appears with a small button "Chat" and something like a clock which
> represents the timeout for disappearing the message.
> It is very convenient when you wait for someone to become online in
> order to tell him/her something urgent (well, not so urgent that
> deserves a phone call or something).  It also saves you the hassle of
> opening the roster or right-clicking the trayicon to choose the
> contact in question.
> I don't know whether you'd be willing to implement it, or if at all
> possible.  AFAIK Gossip uses libnotify for this.  Please take a look
> at it.

we already have that since some releases. just install dbus and 
libnotify and this will work in Gajim too:

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