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> Yann Le Boulanger wrote:
> > 
> > we already have that since some releases. just install dbus and 
> > libnotify and this will work in Gajim too:
> I have libnotify/notification-daemon and I get notification pop-ups,
> but there are no buttons to press on the notification window (Debian
> testing, Gajim 0.10, dbus 0.61).  I couldn't find such a feature in
> the advanced settings as well.  dkirov mentioned that this work is in
> progress.
Click on notification in Gossip is interpreted as "Close
notification". In Gajim it is interpreted as "Open chat window", which
is more intuitive. Gajim doesn't need a button, which will do the same.
Here: http://trac.gajim.org/ticket/1537 the issue was widely discussed.

There is no exact HIG for notifications and each application brings its
own understanding. Maybe this is the main problem.

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