there is a new p2p serverless Instant Messenger out: 
Open, Pyhton, excrypting everything.

Would it be possible that GA JIM developers integrate this Messenger Protocol 
and system / Gui as well in GAJIM ??

Then Cspace users, which need a gateway to AOL MSN JAbber etc, could use GAJIM. 
And the CSpace Developers could keep the Cspace free from GATEWAYS,w hich woudl 
only bloat their software now, as we need a secure only environment and a 
Cspace only client.

So Gajim with Cspace support would be perfect, maybe you could have a look at 
the python code and integrate it in Gajim,

here is the website, see as well the Trac-Wiki with Suggestions and the 
Mailinglist about the gateways...


if you want to contact the developers, use the CC mailers.

thanks a lot.
any feedback?


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