I have installed Gajim. I am using Mozilla Firefox as the web browser and working in Windows environment. I have added network.protocol-handler.app.xmpp in about:config and settled the string as 'gajim-remote open_chat'. I have added the Registery information as:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
@="URL:XMPP Protocol"
"URL Protocol"="gajim-remote open_chat"
@="C:\Documents and Settings\neelu_dhiman\Desktop\IM\gajim-0.10.1\gajim-0.10.1\src\gajim-remote.py %l"

Now, I am trying to open the gajim on clicking jabber id as:

<a href = ""mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]" target=_blank>[EMAIL PROTECTED]" >Nelz </a>

But, I am not able to launch Gajim by clicking on Neelz. I get an error "File not found". Can you please tell me what seems wrong here? Please guide me as I am very new in this and it is very important.


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