Joel Dimbernat wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to write something that does the same that gtalk does (i.e
> update status with the played song) for gajim and rhythmbox.
> Gajim has a class that do that very well, named gajim-remote, I've seen
> some examples. But all these examples were plugins for the music player,
> and I don't think (in my very humble opinion) it's the right way to do it.
> Rhythmbox has it's own Dbus API, and I think Gajim should connect to it
> and recieve events from it.
> So i'm asking you if I'm right or wrong about it?
> And is Gajim using other Dbus connection from another program (to have
> some example)?
> Thanks

What you'd like is that gajim knows every dbus interface of every player
nd handle them ? I don't think it's a good idea. there are too many, and
what if a player changes his API ?

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