Op ma, 21-08-2006 te 21:32 +0200, schreef Joel Dimbernat:
> I see that Quod Libet support the JEP by creating an XML file. But
> then how should this file be used by an IM program?
> Maybe using Inotify to look for change into it and then publish the
> new status?

I think so.

> Or do you think gajim should handle it connecting (for example)
> rhythmbox dbus (as I did it), but using that JEP xml schema to publish
> the info? 

It would be better if there was some sort of an API that both jabber
clients and music players can implement their side of (maybe in a
plugin), and then every jabber client would work with every music
player...  :)

(JEP-118 could be part of such an API)

Jan Claeys

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