Nikos Kouremenos schrieb:
> On 10/7/06, Markus Lutzer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I have a German Gajim installed but starting Gajim with "LANG=C gajim"
>> results in a mixed language Gajim. Most of Gajim seems to be in English
>> (as expected) but some texts are in German:


>> The submenu entry of Actions->Group Chat is: "Neuen Raum betreten" (=
>> enter new room) and the following window title "Betrete Chatraum" (=
>> enter chat room)
> okay that is our "problem". We use Group Chat as more general idea,
> and room as the place to be. Is this confusing?

Now you use three terminologies? "group chat", "room", and "chat room"
to describe one and the same thing? To use one terminology would be more
consistent resp. easier to understand. For instance "group chat".

>> Also submenu entry of Actions->Advanced->"Verlaufmanager" (is not
>> "Verlaufsmanager" with the additional "s" the proper terminology?)
> yes, with s. fixed.
>> Additionally the gateway to ICQ is called "Netzwerk├╝bergang" instead of
>> gateway but I am not sure if this is Gajim's fault.
> this is from server /me thinks. I couldn't find anything in de.po that
> is Netzwerk├╝bergang
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