Dimitur Kirov schrieb:
> Markus Lutzer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I attached a mockup to make clear what I suggest. Hope it goes through
>> the mailing list.
> +1
> These two tabs [Personal Information] [Personal Info] are a bit
> obscure. Maybe move Open PGP key to Account, or General tab and remove
> [Personal Information] tab?


> There is one big problem. You cannot change your personal details until you 
> are connected to the server. At the same time, pure account settings are kept 
> locally and thus they don't need publish and retrieve. How do you suggest to 
> bypass these differences?

In case the user is disconnected either
- in the avatar tabs a text informs the user to connect first
- or the avatar tabs itself are disabled that they can not accessed.
When pointing the mouse over the disabled tabs a tooltip could inform
that the user has to connect first.

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