> > There is one big problem. You cannot change your personal details
> > until you are connected to the server. At the same time, pure
> > account settings are kept locally and thus they don't need publish
> > and retrieve. How do you suggest to bypass these differences?

Markus Lutzer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In case the user is disconnected either
> - in the avatar tabs a text informs the user to connect first
One and the same text, appearing in three tabs is not a good idea.

> - or the avatar tabs itself are disabled that they can not accessed.
> When pointing the mouse over the disabled tabs a tooltip could inform
> that the user has to connect first.
I don't think it is possible to have a tooltip on disabled widgets.

on 06/10/10 Markus Lutzer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> .... This would result in a consistent account dialog with tabs for
> account, general, connection, OpenPGP, personal details, work, about.
Consistency is also broken if this dialog behaves differently with
connected and disconnected accounts, or while waiting for personal
settings to come from server. There are three situations:

 * disconnected from server
First three tabs are editable, the other three tabs (or the controls in them) 
are insensitive and won't become sensitive until Gajim connects to server. 

 * connected to server, but waiting for vcard to arrive
First three tabs are editable, the other three are temporally disabled, but 
they'll be editable soon. This requires progressbar, but user should now that 
this progressbar concerns only the last three tabs. I don't know why vcard is 
loaded from server (instead of just loading cached vcard) before edition, but 
there should be a reason for that. 

 * connected to server and vcard has arrived. 
This is fine so far. However imagine that personal details cannot be published 
due to lack of server abilities, or because user get disconnected before vcard 
is fully uploaded - very rare, yet still possible to happen. Then Gajim will 
display error dialog that operation is not completed. This is confusing since 
local changes will take effect and changes from the last three tabs will be 
ignored. Also imagine that we cannot save our account settings because of not 
enough free space on disc - very rare, but user will get confused of what is 


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