Dimitur Kirov schrieb:
>>> There is one big problem. You cannot change your personal details
>>> until you are connected to the server. At the same time, pure
>>> account settings are kept locally and thus they don't need publish
>>> and retrieve. How do you suggest to bypass these differences?
> Markus Lutzer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> In case the user is disconnected either
>> - in the avatar tabs a text informs the user to connect first
> One and the same text, appearing in three tabs is not a good idea.
>> - or the avatar tabs itself are disabled that they can not accessed.
>> When pointing the mouse over the disabled tabs a tooltip could inform
>> that the user has to connect first.
> I don't think it is possible to have a tooltip on disabled widgets.
> on 06/10/10 Markus Lutzer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> .... This would result in a consistent account dialog with tabs for
>> account, general, connection, OpenPGP, personal details, work, about.
> Consistency is also broken if this dialog behaves differently with
> connected and disconnected accounts, or while waiting for personal
> settings to come from server. There are three situations:

As you said, if Gajim would cache the vcard the usability should be

>  * disconnected from server
> First three tabs are editable, the other three tabs (or the controls in them) 
> are insensitive and won't become sensitive until Gajim connects to server. 

the cached vcard information is displayed. Either a "refresh" button
might allow to fetch more up to date vcard from the server or this is
done automatically e.g. at each connect.

>  * connected to server, but waiting for vcard to arrive
> First three tabs are editable, the other three are temporally disabled, but 
> they'll be editable soon. This requires progressbar, but user should now that 
> this progressbar concerns only the last three tabs. I don't know why vcard is 
> loaded from server (instead of just loading cached vcard) before edition, but 
> there should be a reason for that. 

This should not happen as long as the vcard was fetched at least once,
which might probably done at first time of configuring the Jabber account.

>  * connected to server and vcard has arrived. 
> This is fine so far. However imagine that personal details cannot be 
> published due to lack of server abilities, or because user get disconnected 
> before vcard is fully uploaded - very rare, yet still possible to happen. 
> Then Gajim will display error dialog that operation is not completed. This is 
> confusing since local changes will take effect and changes from the last 
> three tabs will be ignored. Also imagine that we cannot save our account 
> settings because of not enough free space on disc - very rare, but user will 
> get confused of what is happening.

If the user changed his vcard, pressed the save/ok/upload button a
message "saving your information on the server" with a progress bar
should appear. If the server is unavailable the message is replaced by
an error message allowing to retry or cancel.

> Regards,
> Kirov
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