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> On Sun, 24 Dec 2006, Yann Le Boulanger wrote:
>> is it an official repositry ? should we host those packages in our website ?
>> thanks for them
> No, that's just my web site where i put some packages from time to time.
> So you can say that my Gajim package can be considered "untrusted".
> As for gtkspell, dbus and other dep. packages those are in two
> biggest Slackware repos, so for most users it's just:
> swaret --install dbus
> or
> slapt-get --install dbus
> And so on..
> So I think there is no need to host those dep. packages, as for
> my Gajim package, you could host it but I think in that case it would
> be better to build one with notification-daemon or python-notification
> support, just to be a nice complete package with all the functions gajim
> can deliver.
> Merry Christmas to all that celebrate it.
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indeed that would be better. But bozo already did the previous package  
and will probably do this one soon.


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