Hi all,

a pre-release of Gajim-0.11.1 named Gajim- is ready. Tarball
and Windows installers are downloadable on www.gajim.org website.

Don't hesitate to test it and report bugs.

If no major bugs are found this will be 0.11.1 release.

Here is the Changelog:
  * Fixes in gajim-remote and the way XMPP URI are handled
  * Fix Idle under Windows
  * Fix Gajim under non-ascii languages Windows
  * Fix International Domain Name usage
  * Fix when removing active privacy list
  * Fix problem with adhoc command and multi-step forms
  * Fixed avatars cache problems in group chats
  * KDE integration for XMPP URI
  * Support of Banshee Music player
  * Support of XEP-0202 (Entity Time)
  * Support of XEP-0199 (XMPP Ping)

Thanks for your help
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