I've just installed the version with GTK+ included.
The tbicon's menu now shows up at the correct location, but seems to be
pretty messed-up. When right-clicked, the menu has a scroll button at 
the top
and one at the bottom. After moving the mouse over the one at the bottom,
the menu gets displayed correctly.
This happens every time the icon is right-clicked.

BR Hannes

Yann Le Boulanger schrieb:
> Hannes Tismer wrote:
>> Is it a bug or a feature that the right-click Taskbaricon-Menu appears 
>> in the
>> very top-right of my screen since the last two Gajim releases, instead 
>> of appearing
>> at the default tbicon position?
>> Best regards
>> Hannes
> it was a bug in GTK-2.10.6
> it is fixed in GTK2.10.7. so the pre-release with GTK included should
> not suffer from it anymore.
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