Sorry guys, forget that.
Somehow I didn't recieve the current SVN revision after updating my local
copy. The trunk version I was talking about is totally outdated.

Hannes Tismer schrieb:
> Using trunk: 7911
> (Downloaded trunk today, problem exists since today) This appears in my 
> gf's Trillian Pro since trunk 7911:
> [16:24:01] *** NOTE:  This user appears to be using an older Mirabilis 
> ICQ client, which depends on an outdated version of the ICQ protocol.  
> As such, you *may* experience intermittent message loss.  Encourage them 
> to upgrade to Trillian or a newer build of ICQ! (You can e-mail them, or 
> call them... )  You may turn off this warning in ICQ Account Preferences 
> -> Misc.

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