Damien THEBAULT wrote:
> Oops, sorry, I forgot the patch.

This is an interesting patch, and a good way to do the MSN way for
nickname: contact choose the nick he wants others see.

there are 2 problems:
- keep contact.vcard takes too much memory. vcard can be a big object as
it contains avatar. A solution could be to have a shown_nick field that
is filled the way you explained each time we get the vcard.
- there are too many vcard query. I understand that we need to do some
query because we are not advised when our contacts change their nick. So
there is no other way than querying vcard sometimes. But to improve
that, we can avoid querying vcard when a nick is already set by the user
for this contact. But asking the vcard on each status change is maybe
too much. I'll have a talk with Peter about an eventual XEP for
spreading new nickname when we change it.

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