Nikos Kouremenos wrote:
> if this XEP doesn't cover
> the nickname change event,then I don't know what to think. At least
> propose it to be done so in that XEP

I just re-read this XEP, and here is what is written:

"In order for a user to modify his or her nickname and notify contacts
of that change, it is RECOMMENDED for clients to use Personal Eventing
via Pubsub [15] (a.k.a. PEP)."

so we need to support PEP ...

XEP says that if we don't support PEP we can use pubsub, and if we don't
support pubsub, we can use a message:

<message from='' to=''>
  <nick xmlns=''>NEW_NICK</nick>

this solution sounds ugly as we have to send a message to ALL our
contacts. So we should implement PEP for that.

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