Hello, this morning I've expirienced some strange behaviour.
Every few minutes the whole Gajim UI would freeze and in my terminal I 
would see a message:
gpgkeys: key 183AF3BE23158056 not found on keyserver

So, from where did this key come from, and why does Gajim need it?
So, some folks at [EMAIL PROTECTED] explained to me that:
Jonas: i'm guessing someone sent a signed presence packet...

But they also said:
nusse: it shouldnt search/download any keys
Jonas: it should look through the existing keys only
Jonas: and skip verifying any unknown

In my gpg.conf I have:
keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve

So, according to them Gajim should not try to get the key, but I guess 
it depends on your GnuPG settings, so it tries.

The thing is when this happens the whole Gajim becomes unresponsive for 
more than 30 seconds, even a whole minute! Complete freeze, and after it 
failes (or succeed in some other case) it resumes.

I'm at SVN revision 7998, and I haven't found a bug report on this on 
the trac (if there is one, I apologise for this message).

Thank you, anrxc.

JID:anrxc|sysphere|org | sysphere.org/~anrxc/
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